There's an urgent problem among business professionals
that I've noticed as a leadership coach.


Are you:

  • Tired and worn out from working long hours?

  • Losing your patience and temper more easily?

  • Less productive because setbacks throw you into a tailspin?

  • Distracted because there's too much to do -- and not enough time?

  • Sleeping poorly because you can't stop thinking about work?

  • Having aches and pains?

Many of us can't escape work pressures that often cause stress, such as:

  • Demanding clients

  • Uncooperative colleagues

  • Heavy workloads

  • Tight deadlines

  • Constant changes

  • Job uncertainty

Don't let them get you down. Reduce stress by being more RESILIENT instead.

Contrary to popular belief, resilience is NOT about gritting your teeth and toughing it out.

It's about learning -- and using -- scientifically proven strategies and techniques that help you be more calm, focused, and positive... even when you're having the worst day ever!

Some of them work in less than 2 minutes.

What You'll Discover in the Free Resilience Quiz:

  • Identify your current go-to strategies for bouncing back from setbacks

  • Identify resilience strategies that you're NOT using... but should

  • Identify gaps so you can decide what new stress reduction strategies you want to try

  • Create an action plan to enhance your resilience with scientific, proven techniques that take minimal time and effort

Resilience Checklist

Hi! My name is Bernice Lee.

I'm an award-winning coach and corporate trainer specialising in the neuroscience of leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience, and business etiquette. Since 2013 I've helped over 3,000 business professionals from 23 countries to be poised, confident leaders.

I'm 100% sure you'll benefit from this Resilience Quiz.

After you finish it, you'll be clear about what you're already doing to reduce your stress, other proven activities you can add to your routine, and make a practical plan for the future.


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